When do I place my order?

Anytime! At Checkout, you can select your delivery date of choice, from the calendar that pops up. We recommend placing orders at least a few days in advance of your requested delivery date. The cut off time for an order to ship the same day is 9:30 am Eastern Standard Time.

Will I receive a tracking number when my orders ships out?

Yes you will! UPS will email you on the afternoon or early evening the day your order ships out. As we ship all orders via UPS Overnight Service, all orders ship the day prior to the delivery date you selected. If you do not locate your tracking number by the delivery date you selected, EMAIL US and we’ll locate it for you.

Receiving Frozen Products

When you receive a food item marked “Keep Refrigerated” or “Perishable,” open it immediately and check its temperature. The food should arrive frozen or partially frozen with ice crystals still visible or at least refrigerator cold — below 40 °F as measured with a food thermometer. Even if a product is smoked, cured, vacuum-packed, and/or fully cooked, it is still a perishable product and must be kept cold. If perishable food arrives warm — above 40 °F as measured with a food thermometer — notify us. Do not eat or taste suspect food.

Is it okay to eat a lobster that died in transit?

YES. However, you will need to cook any dead lobster within 8 hours of discovering a lobster died. Remove the rubber bands from the claws of the dead (or suspected dead) lobster or cook it in a separate pot to distinguish it from the live lobsters. Its meat should be just as firm as the rest. If the meat is spoiled, it will be crumbly. If you receive a dead lobster, please take photographs of the product and EMAIL US.
It can be difficult to tell the difference between a dead lobster or simply a sluggish lobster after being shipped. A good test is to gently touch the lobster’s eye and see if it moves. If there are no signs of life, don’t give up yet! A lobster does not have to be alive at the exact moment you are cooking it to still be good. The lobster’s temperature and the length of time it has been dead are the important factors to consider when deciding if a lobster is edible or not.

When should I cook my lobsters?

We advise you to cook your lobsters the same day you receive them. However, if you keep them in the refrigerator, they may keep an extra day. Please understand, if you wish to keep your lobsters alive until the following day, you are doing so at your own risk. We cannot guarantee survival of lobsters past their delivery date.

Is my online order secure?

YES. All online orders are encrypted and your credit card information is not stored. You will notice “https” when you’re checking out; this ensures the checkout is secure.

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